Rayleigh Art Group ‘At Home’

The Rayleigh Art Group ‘At Home ‘ Evening on Thursday 26th April 2012 was a very enjoyable night at the Todman Centre.P1010440

Members and their friends had a relaxed evening meeting and exchanging news while also trying to find the answers to the quizzes on the table presented by John Newton , our very own quiz master. This is always popular and guarantees fun and laughter.

P1010439Through out the evening Laura Moller was demonstrating the art of Glass Bead Making which we all found very intriguing. Laura showed us how she melted the glass to form some beautiful beads explaining what she was doing along the way. LP1010450adies of course are always interested in beads and jewellery but the gentleman too found this fascinating agreeing at one point it was a little like welding.






‘Painting of the Year’ competition attracted quiet a few paintings which is always good to see members getting involved. Cathy Newton was voted the winner with her painting of a ‘Baby Orangutan.


Report courtesy Val Belverstone.


Rayleigh Art Group ‘At Home’ 2012 (Thursday 26th April)

We welcome all our members and a guest of their choice, to come and enjoy an evening of socialising at the end of our Winter programme on Thursday 26th April 2012.

Our evening will start at 7.30 p.m. and will be held at The Todman Centre, in Rayleigh (the hall next to our normal venue of The Cedars). Anyone coming along, please bring a plate of food to add to our table of goodies to be consumed throughout the evening, don’t worry about drink as the Club will provide this for you.

Throughout the evening there will be a painting competition with the title of ‘Painting of the Year’, your best picture that has been done this year would be the very one to put into this competition.

We will also have some quizzes going on and we have a demonstration of Glass January 2012 185Bead Making by Mrs. Laura Moller. You will be able to stand behind Laura and watch as she explains what she is doing and what will happen to the glass etc. She will be demonstrating for most of the evening so there will be plenty of opportunity for each and everyone to get a really good look at the craftsmanship during our evening.

Laura has been making beads just about a year now andJanuary 2012 190 has been ‘playing with glass’ for much longer. She does a lot of her glass at ‘Glass in The Past’ which is a resident shop/studio in Barleylands, Billericay. There will be a display of finished items for you to look at and purchase or order if you so desire but absolutely no pressure, just come and enjoy.

037January 2012 186


Demonstration by Andrew Pitt

A reasonably small turnout of the Rayleigh Art Group membership, to this very informative and entertaining demonstration on Wednesday 11th April 2012.P1010419

Andrew Pitt comes from Southwold in Suffolk and teaches watercolour painting. He drew using indelible ink and a long matchstick, a very comfortable to the eye scene, consisting of boats and boat sheds and mud in the foreground which had beautiful colours in it.

He spent quite a long time explaining how to use the ink and how to compose your picture. When we were all primed with lots of information he set about drawing, no pencil drawing first just straight in with the ink

This took us to the tea break and then afterwards he started to put the washes on having first explained the colours in his palette.

With not too much water, he started filling in things like the boat shed which was quite dark so that he had something to gauge the colours P1010420of the sky and foreground with. Having got the sky as he wanted it he then continued with more pigment and much less water once again to finish the painting.

A very pleasant evening had by all.


Report and Photos courtesy Cathy Newton

Demonstration by Andrew Pitt

The Rayleigh Art Group’s  next demonstration will be on Wednesday 11th April 2012 at the Cedars Centre, Castle Road, Rayleigh commencing at 7.30 pm. The subject of the demonstration will be ‘Pen & Wash’ and we look forward to welcoming all Members and Guests.

Andrew Pitt was born in Maldon and educated at the Gilberd School, Colchester and St. Andrew’s University.
He has been painting landscapes since he was 11. For many years he painted exclusively in watercolour concentrating on East Anglia landscapes and particularly marine scenes. He now paints with equal facility in both watercolour and oil and has greatly extended his range of subject matter. Although he has remained a figurative artist, his oils exploit the full potential of the texture of the paint and his aim remains to get a painterly image, which captures the essence of the subject. Andrew is well known for his loose, fresh approach to watercolour and the simplicity of his style has made him much in demand as a tutor in this medium. Andrew Pitt
He has had 15 one-man exhibitions since 1980 and contributed to numerous mixed shows. His work is included in “The Encyclopaedia of Watercolour Landscapes” and he is a regular contributor to the “Leisure Painter” magazine. He is a frequent art club demonstrator and workshop/painting holiday tutor.
Andrew’s pictures are in many private collections in Britain as well as Canada, Holland, North America, New Zealand, Slovakia and Australia.