Demonstration by David Pilgrim

Welcome back to all members and of course to new members of the Rayleigh Art Group.

We have started this year’s program with a demonstration in oils of a city/river scene done by a local Essex Artist David Pilgrim.

P1020136We were all very eager to see David get started on his already prepared canvas as he had brought with him a few pieces of his work which were superb.

David started by drawing in lines running a brush with a dark mixture of paint down a very well used piece of piping. This made a brilliant ruler and he made many marks on the canvas so he knew where to go with his brush work.P1020137

Having done this, he then proceeded to colour in the buildings still using the dark mixture of paint, to our amazement the blocking in of the buildings just brought the picture to life.

By the tea break the picture was well on it’s way and then the nice part started. Adding a touch of yellow here and red and blue there the whole picture was transformed into a night scene with white P1020138highlights added, making the whole picture zing. Some of the highlights were added by using David’s finger with paint on it and others were added by using the edge of a credit card. It was fascinating to watch the picture come alive.

A brilliant demonstration, a really good way to start off the new season.




Report and Photographs courtesy of Cathy Newton


Demonstration by David Pilgrim

Rayleigh Art Group will be hosting a Demonstration by David Pilgrim at the Cedars Centre on Wednesday 25th September 2013 commencing at 7.30 pm – David will be painting a City/River scene in Oils.Photo of David

David Pilgrim (ROI) was born in 1975 and is an artist with strong interests in oil and acrylic painting. He enjoys working with a diverse range of subject matter and materials in order to maintain a freshness and vitality in his paintings and drawings.

David studied fine art as part of a joint degree course (the other half was in pure maths!) at Aberystwyth University and has since continued to paint in his spare time whilst trying to squeeze in working full-time as a web/media developer. The regular discipline of drawing is an essential part of his art practice and he can often be found out and about with his sketchbook or pochade box.

Ideas are sparked on location with drawings or paint sketches which can have the potential to be developed into more resolved pieces back in the studio. Sometimes there’s little more to say beyond the original statement and the work needs no further development. This approach has enabled David to develop his observational and technical skills whilst encouraging a greater connection and understanding of the subject. The energy that comes from the original moment is an increasing important element in his work. Location work can be intensive (especially when it’s cold or windy!) but immensely rewarding and challenging.

In December 2012 David was delighted to be elected as a full member of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters which represents many of the finest oil painters in the UK today. Past members include the likes of James McNeil Whistler, Walter Sickert and Henri Fantin Latour. Standards are very high so it is a real honour to be elected. David is also a member of the newly established Plein air Brotherhood, which is a mutually supportive collective of UK plein air enthusiasts. Membership of this ‘band of brothers’ is by mutual organic friendship, not committee or selection panel. Keep an eye out for upcoming ‘Brotherhood’ exhibitions and other activities!


Members are reminded that Annual Subscriptions are due by the first demonstration in September, so please make cheques for £25.00 payable to ‘The Rayleigh Art Group’ and present to Val Belverstone the Club Treasurer.


The next Workshop is on Wednesday 11th September 2013 at the Cedars Centre from 7.30 pm onwards. All members and their guests are welcome to join us for an evening where you can meet with other members and exchange ideas and comments whilst at the same time having a social chat.