Demonstration by Joe Dowden

What a brilliant demonstration we had this Wednesday evening by Joe Dowden.

With howling winds and lashing rain outside, we were all oblivious of the dreadful weather while we watched intently as Joe set about his watercolour picture.

Using Arches Paper with 140lb weight that had been stretched and then stapled to a board, he drew very little detail, just the horizon line and a few leaves really. With a fine brush, Joe then started to mask out some of the lightest leaves in the picture and he then put a yellowish green wash onto the paper.

Joe had plenty of tips on painting such as once a green has turned too green and you have lost the yellowness, you will never be able to retrieve it back again so give up and start again! Apparently sable brushes are by far the best as the colour will wash out of the brush in the first dip of the water as against synthetic brushes where the bristles hold onto the colour. Joe also recommended Rosemary brushes for applying masking fluid as they are cheap and would need replacing often if used in masking fluid.

Adding more masking fluid, Joe then added another wash but this time in a slightly grey colour – this was made with ultramarine and burnt sienna. After a few more layers of masking fluid and a bluish wash for the water (made with Windsor blue, magenta and a touch of brown) he then started to build up the sides of the stream and the underwater stones.

To check the tone that you need in the picture I.e.  how dark the blue for the water and the lightness of the grasses Joe made a small hole in a piece of paper, this showed just the right level of light needed when put against the painting.

Using technics like feathering Joe finished his painting by 9.30pm and was ready to take any questions.

A very entertaining and informative demonstration.


photo 3 photo 2photo 1

Thanks for the Report by Cathy Newton and Photos by Vicky Coppard


Demonstration by Joe Dowden

Rayleigh Art Group will be hosting a demonstration by Joe Dowden on Wednesday 12th February 2014 commencing at 7.30 pm. This event will take place at the Cedars centre, Castle Road, Rayleigh and all members and guests are welcome – new members are always welcome.Avatar

Joe Francis Dowden, Born London UK. is a Landscape and Seascape Painter and stages one man shows at Albury, Southern UK and has exhibited at the Singer & Friedlander/Sunday Times Exhibition, Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolour, Laing Art Exhibition, Chichester Open, Barings ING – Platform 100, World of Drawings and Watercolours, British Modern Masters, Royal Society of Marine Artists.  

His Paintings sell at Elford Fine Art, Fine Art UK & British Modern Masters 2008, and he is an author of books and magazine articles which are Published worldwide. He also Presents TV, DVD’s, seminars, demonstrations and is a Panel Member of the SAA. 

He is planning to demonstrate the ‘wet-in-wet’ technique for Watercolour.