Demonstration by Linda Series

On Wednesday 9th April 2014, more than twenty members and friends of Rayleigh Art Group enjoyed a very informative demonstration by Linda Series.  Linda painted an atmospheric scene of the River Thames in London which showed a Thames barge near the Embankment with commuters hurrying along. In the background was a misty skyline which included the Houses of Parliament and the Palace of Westminster along with other buildings and Big Ben.


LindaSeries 2LindaSeries1LindaSeries 3


While painting, Linda explained very clearly the various techniques and colour mixes which she was using.  She also pointed out the importance of both linear and aerial perspective. 

Linda uses, almost exclusively, Windsor and Newton watercolour paints and Rosemary sable brushes.  She was working on Arches 140lb rough paper which she had not stretched, and even though she paints loosely with plenty of water cockling was not a problem!

An excellent demonstration!

Report and Photos courtesy of Vicki Coppard.


Demonstration by Linda Series

Members and Guests are invited to a Demonstration by Linda Series, hosted by Rayleigh Art Group, on Wednesday 9th April 2014, commencing at 7.30 pm in the Cedars Centre, Castle Road, Rayleigh. The subject of the demonstration will be an ‘Urban Scene with Figures’ in watercolour.

Linda Series is an amateur artist with no qualifications in the subject, who attended ‘adult education’ classes to learn the basic techniques in Watercolour painting. But her main inspiration has come from attending many varied courses on the subject where she has slowly developed a style of painting which she is now reasonably pleased with.
In 2007, Linda held her 1st Solo exhibition at ‘The Dunmow Art Gallery’, and this gave her a great deal of encouragement.
Linda regularly exhibits at the Aubrey Art Gallery in her home town of Dunmow, as well as taking demonstration/workshops which are always well attended – See the Aubrey Gallery website for dates of these events.
Linda is inspired by many artists, but prefers pure watercolour or line and wash. She has spent many an hour reading art instructional books and watching DVD’s on her favourite artists, all of whom have taught her a great deal. Linda believes that she is a true example of ‘anyone can paint’, seeing as she could not even draw just 10 years ago. It is the love of the hobby which has driven her to go on, even when at times she struggled with the medium. Nobody said it was going to be easy, and the DVD’s certainly made it look just that. She has learnt through many a failure and sheer determination.
Many professional artists teach using what she calls ‘cheating methods’, i.e. masking out, sponging, credit card techniques, to name just a few. Linda would say that for anybody wanting to learn to paint, watching these professional artists and then having a go yourself will give you confidence very quickly because you will be producing paintings in no time. You can then move on to more traditional techniques if you so desire, and this is exactly how Linda began. All she can say is ‘Have a go’. It is great fun and you will soon be impressing your friends and family.

Palma, Mallorca

Rayleigh Art Group Exhibition

Rayleigh Art Group held their annual exhibition and sale of paintings this weekend in the W.I.Hall in Bellingham Lane, Rayleigh.

The exhibition ran from Friday evening through to Saturday afternoon and we were really fortunate to have a lovely sunny day on Saturday so the hall was buzzing for most of the day with plenty of shoppers passing through. We ran a raffle which was drawn at the end of Saturday afternoon and was won by one of our own members.

We were fortunate enough to have sold a few paintings through the exhibition but mostly we were able to show the public our abilities to paint and most people that came into the hall said the paintings were of a very high standard, all music to our ears and encouraging for future times.

Here are a few examples of the pictures that were being exhibited.