Rayleigh Art Group ‘At Home’ Evening

This well attended evening was a real success this year, with a table well laden with goodies to eat and drinks supplied by the Club, all members in attendance enjoyed chatting, catching up with friends and generally indulging themselves.

Our speaker this year was a gentleman called Alan Townsend who is the current Chairman of the Chelmsford Marquetry Group. We were shown many examples of veneers of different woods in various colours and also a few designs that had been made many years ago, this was proven by the use of old newspapers as backing to keep the marquetry in place.

Alan showed us just how to go about starting a piece of marquetry and then pieces that a beginner would expect to complete within around 3 months – All very interesting and extremely clever.

2014-05-07 20.11.342014-05-07 20.10.042014-05-07 20.10.26

He then brought out pictures that he had done himself, each piece being brought out of a box made to fit. There were many, and all extremely beautiful, a very clever man I think you could say.

2014-05-07 21.10.562014-05-07 21.11.242014-05-07 21.21.47

Unfortunately the photos do not do justice to the pieces of work exhibited.

Alan then showed us a cutlery box that he had made which was absolutely exquisite, lined with red satin and all made and finished by hand – Absolutely beautiful and admired by many of our members. Alan explained that he was a cabinet maker by trade and just really enjoyed doing it as his hobby now he was retired.

Our competition for ‘Best Picture of the Year’ had sixteen entries this year, all of outstanding quality.

2014-05-07 20.05.362014-05-07 20.05.24

Following the normal procedure of all members voting, there was a tie for first place, with the eventual winners being Colin Mossman and myself, Cathy Newton.

Report and photos courtesy of Cathy Newton


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