Paint Along with James Merriot

Last Wednesday (11/11/15) we ran a workshop in watercolour with James Merriot as our tutor. ThereJ.Merriott Painting were thirteen members booked into this workshop, unfortunately we do not have the space in the hall to have anymore than that for a workshop of this kind.

All armed with paints, paper and each member very keen to get started, everyone set their tables and followed each and every step  with James. He was very helpful throughout the evening, giving bits and pieces of information out to help with our future painting.

After lots of concentration and plenty of effort 13 pictures were displayed together, all looking really good and each having a little bit of the artist’s own style about them too.

Paint Along 11.11.15Well done to those who took part

Report courtesy Val Belverstone and Cathy Newton; Photos courtesy Val Belverstone