Sad News

It is with great sadness that we have to report the death of Wal Barnes, husband of long standing member, Barbara Barnes. Wal passed away last Tuesday, following a very length period of illness, from which he never recovered. All our thoughts are with Barbara at this very sad time. Due to Wal’s illness, Barbara has not been a regular participant at the art group, but has indicated she will be joining us again sometime in the future.

The funeral will be on Tuesday 14th June 2016 at the Southend Crematorium (the Big Chapel) at 2.00 pm. Following, the wake will be at the Royal Naval Association Club, 73 – 79 East Street, East Prittlewell, Southend SS2 6LQ





We really enjoyed this demonstration last night at Rayleigh Art Group. It was informative, colourful, exciting and now many of us want to have a go.DeniseAllen1

Denise Allen introduced herself to us and explained the medium to us, this of course was to be a demonstration in water based oil paints, a new concept to many of us and a very interesting one too. Apparently you can use these paints in the same way as a normal oil paint but instead of using the usual linseed oil to mix and turpentine to clean, you just need water.

The picture to be painted was to be a water scene with crashing waves and rocks to one side and Denise started the picture of the evening by showing us the ‘bulls eye’ effect. This was done by thoroughly wetting the oil paper then painting three colours, in this case a yellow, red and blue. These colours were literally painted like a bulls eye by starting with a centre of yellow, then a red ring around that and then finally the blue was put in the outer ring. Having got all three colours on the paper, Denise then tipped the paper from side to side and upside down, waiting for all the colours to mix on the paper and waiting for the drips to move to the edges of the paper. This paper will now need possibly a week to dry ready to be painted on as although the water would dry out fairly quickly, the oil paint would take a similar time as normal oil paint to dry.

DeniseAllen2Putting this piece of oil paper aside to dry off for another painting, Denise put a piece of paper already dry and proceeded to draw with a fine brush to get an idea of where to put everything and then filled in the sky, working down to the rocks and some of the darker areas of the water. She worked the paint with a dampened brush, explaining that she wiped the brush dry every time she dipped it into the pot of water so was actually working with very little water just a damp brush and thin paint so as to build up the layers of paint. Her tip was always work fat on thin, therefore thin layers for most of the painting and only thicker paint towards the end. Denise also worked with an old piece of towel working the paint around to get a soft image. She worked on the picture trying to keep the light effect from the bulls eye, i.e. the centre of the painting was to keep a very light yellowish tinge to it.


After the tea break, Denise worked into the rocks for a while and then went onto the water, explaining how the water comes into the shore and then takes the froth back out making a lace effect. It wasDeniseAllen3 all making a lot of sense as we watched this lovely picture evolve, Finally came the flicking of white paint, this was to make the spray of the water and Denise explained that the best way to get the right consistency of the paint for this task was to think of the paint straight from the tube as a cream consistency and to do flicking we would need skimmed milk consistency. A very good tip I thought, and definitely one to remember. She showed us a couple of ways to do this effect, one by tapping the end of a brush well loaded with paint, and the other by using an old toothbrush or stiff brush and pulling back on the bristles with your fingers.

The finished picture was lovely and Denise felt like she was one of the Club, she was lovely, chatty, fun and very clever.


Report courtesy Cathy Newton and Photos by Colin Mossman

Demonstration by Denise Allen

Rayleigh Art Group will be hosting a demonstration by Denise Allen entitled ‘Seascape in Water-mixable Oils’.

The demonstration will take place in the Cedars Hall, Castle Road, Rayleigh commencing at 7.30 pm on Wednesday 25th May 2016. All members and their guests are welcome to come along with a small charge to help cover costs.

Denise has been painting professionally since the early 1980’s, and has been teaching watercolours since 2002. She says ‘my inspiration is the world around me… it is truly amazing. I will never tire of painting the sea, and I am completely fascinated by the ever-changing surface of the water. I aim to create truly beautiful, realistic paintings’.

Denise paints in Watercolours, Acrylics and Oils and her subjects range from dramatic sense, to landscapes and flowers. Based in Hertford, Denise runs workshops in Herts and surrounding counties.

RAG ‘At Home’ – 2016

This year we thought we would ask Mike Davies from ‘Rayleigh Through the Looking Glass’, one of the founders of the new Rayleigh Museum, to come along and give us a chat about the new venture inRAG at Home 2016a the town. He kindly agreed and  brought with him, 60 slides all of Rayleigh in the past.

(You can find Rayleigh Museum above Pizza Express in the beautiful old building that for years was known as Sansoms, a man’s outfitters)

Mike spoke for an hour going through the slide show and giving a very interesting talk along side it. He took many of us back in time. I, myself, sat with a smile upon my face for much of it as the photographs took me back to the memorabilia that I have in  the loft from my Nan who had moved to Rayleigh, in or around 1935 (in fact to a new build house in Downhall Road, a road that appeared to be quite prominent in some of the facts shown to us).

If anyone ever wants to see one of the old houses that was originally in Rayleigh, you can see the house that was next to Rayleigh Cemetary. This is now is in Watt Tyler Park in Pitsea, along with other old houses that have all been moved and rebuilt brick by brick from various places in Essex. This house was moved for redevelopment purposes, many original buildings still exist in their original places throughout the town.

After lots and lots of information about the town both then and now, we all checked out the food table and topped up our glasses ready for the prize giving.

RAG at Home 2016b




This year Colin Mossman won the Josie Hook Award,

a pewter mug engraved with his name and a voucher, well done Colin.










RAG at Home 2016cRAG at Home 2016dThe best painting of the year was won by Ray Andrews with a lovely

fresh looking boat scene.

Ray will keep the clock for the year. Well done Ray.












This was a very enjoyable evening for all that took part, keep painting everyone ready for next year’s competitions.


Report and Photos courtesy of Cathy Newton