Demonstration by Sue Williams

What a great way to start our new season’s demonstrations and program off with.

Sue had driven down from Wacton, near to Norwich just for us, to do a demonstration in Acrylic Inks. For some of us, this medium is quite daunting as it is very vibrant and not always terribly controllable.

Sue introduced us to the makes of inks that she uses, i.e. F W Acrylic inks and Magic and then explaining that she uses Bockingford 200lb paper, this being heavy enough to not need to be stretched. The brushes that were used throughout the demonstration were watercolour brushes, but Sue explained that they should only be used for the acrylic inks and cleaned out with Fairly liquid, which she would not recommend to clean any brushes normally as it would probably ruin them, but the inks need that harshness.

The pallets that Sue used were just cheap ones and she explained that the inks could be kept in these for a limited time, possibly a week, if covered IMG_0449with cling film when finished with and then kept in a plastic bag, a good tip as generally the inks dry very quickly if left. Another good tip for cleaning the inks off the pallet was to soak it in ‘Vanish’ overnight, this should clean the mixing part at least.

Sue began to put the background colour onto the paper, the colours that went into the background were many and some were put in on wetted paper and others onto dry paper, using as many of the colours as she could so that we could get an idea of how many there were to be used. The Magic colours seem to have many bright colours which really gave a zing to the painting.

With this done, the poppies were coloured in firstly in yellow and then red and pinks added on top, this is done to give the red a zing which doesn’t happen if just red is put directly on the paper.


On to the second of our pictures for the evening, a scene from the Thames in just brown and a touch of blue, another wow factor. This was drawn first with a wooden stick (actually a stirrer from a coffee house or similar).


Our third picture was of an old barn that has now apparently fallen down, this too was drawn with the stirrer and neat ink and then with a limited pallet of blue and green it was finished off, just adding a touch of red at the end. Sue used scrunched up cling film to create a dauber and made marks for the trees and bushes around the barn, this worked really well and a good tip to remember.



Finally, in the last 10 minutes of the evening, Sue did a beautiful sunset with an elephant in silhouette, amazing and so fast too!



I cannot remember ever having been to a demonstration evening and actually watching 4 pictures being done, a very talented lady I think. We all thoroughly enjoyed the evening and I for one, am definitely going to get my inks out of the cupboard and have a go.

On a humours note, Costa or other coffee establishments in Rayleigh might see us coming if we all go on the scrounge for wooden stirrers, what do you think?

Report and Photos Courtesy of Cathy Newton


The ‘Big Quiz’

Just a quick reminder that Rayleigh Art Group are hosting a ‘Big Quiz’ on Saturday 15th October 2016 at the Eastwood Community Centre, Western Approaches, SS2 6XY. Doors open at 7.00 pm with the quiz starting at 7.30 pm sharp.

Tables of six are required at £5.00 per head, bring your own Nibbles and Drink

Please contact Corinne Scott on 01268 779043 for further information.

Demonstration by Sue Williams–Acrylic Inks

Rayleigh Art Group will be hosting a demonstration by Sue Williams, using Acrylic Inks, on Wednesday 28th September 2016 commencing at 7.30 pm sharp. This event will take place as usual in the Cedar Centre, Castle Road, Rayleigh SS6 7QF and all members and their guests are welcome.

Sue Williams lives in Norfolk and has been teaching watercolour to adults for over 30 years, through adult education, residential art courses and 2 and 4 day courses inimage her studio.

Sue paints using acrylic inks, watercolour, pen and wash and oils and has exhibited at The Mall Galleries, London with The RBA. The ROI, The RI, the SWA and at Westminster with The Society of Botanical Artists and Britain’s Painters.

Sue has always painted and was so fortunate that her parents encouraged her, although they knew nothing about painting. She won a national children’s art competition when she was 10, and that seemed to set the course that her life was to take. Sue just loved painting and was out painting Plein -air from about 7 years old, very inspired by Monet. She was brought up in a flat in Camberwell when she was a child, near Dulwich picture gallery and visiting there was a regular treat. She studied at St Martins School of Art on foundation and degree courses. After graduating, she illustrated children’s books, greetings cards , magazines and calendars. After an accident damaged her painting hand, she was asked to caretake an adult education class, and stayed 25 years , teaching 11 classes a week.

Sue now teaches residential course for Art Centres and also teaches in her studio in South Norfolk. She demonstrates and runs day workshops for Art Societies.

Sue paints just for herself. She does exhibit sometimes but is often too busy to be able to make, hand in and collection dates.

She has exhibited in London at The Mall Galleries with The Royal Institute of Oil Painters, The Royal Institute of Watercolour Painters, The Royal Society of British Artists, And in the past with The Society of Women Artists, The Society of Botanical Artists and Britain’s Painters.

She has written for Paint and The Artist magazines, and In 2013 was The Winner of The SAA Artist of The Year Competition

Members please note, Subscriptions will be due at this event or as soon as possible after.