We were told to bring any medium we fancied using together with an A3 size piece of paper, canvas etc.  So armed with all of this we all began to arrive at the hall in readiness of what exactly? We didn’t know…..20170427_114642

Brian had photocopied black and white prints of a man’s face and told us that we were to consider colour combinations and colour opposites and to, in the words of the ‘Frozen’ song, let it go!

Brian did a short demonstration using acrylic paints and dabbing colours not blending, he worked from the nose out and all the chatter began to stop and we were all deep in concentration from there on in.

It was a really fun evening, we worked in colours that I am sure probably non of us would have used and we all produced an image, possibly not quite like the photograph, but they were all really good and so very different from one another too.

Thank you Brian for another very interesting workshop.


Report and photos courtesy of Cathy Newton



Firstly we have to thank Jane for stepping up for us and doing this demonstration. The evening was originally booked to be a demonstration by Geoff Thorpe but unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances, Geoff had to cancel at a late date.

We were very pleased to see Jane again, she is a very talented artist and always DSCF0780produces a brilliant picture. This evening was to be no different and with a piece of paper already taped to the board in a brownish colour, she commenced her pastel picture.

This evening we watched a leopard appear in no time at all using mainly Inscribe pastels, these are a cheap pastel but a good all rounder pastel to start with,

DSCF0782 Starting with a horizontal line to keep the eyes in the right place, Jane worked the eye shapes and the lines for the nose and then gradually worked into the head. Using quite bright colours to start with as she said you could always dull the colours down later but it would be more difficult to brighten the picture. She added a turquoise to the eye and a little highlight and suddenly the leopard came to life. Working into the fur in the direction the fur would grow and then adding spots firstly in a lighter shade and then darkening as she went on, now the leopard really was beginning to come alive.DSCF0787

After a short tea break and a few presentations to members of the Club, Roy Bull for Best Picture in Show and Colin Mossman and Stella Masters and a few announcements, Jane continued on. This time she added more black into the markings and eye surrounds and highlights to the fur. Lastly the whiskers went on in a very soft pastel of bright white but she then dulled them in places where shadow would take away the brightness.

DSCF0790A brilliant, very interesting and informative demonstration. Thank you Jane for standing in for us, we hope to see you again.




Report courtesy Cathy newton and photos Colin Mossman.

Brian Coppard Workshop–Experimenting with Colour

Brian Coppard is doing a tutored workshop for us on the Wednesday 26th April. The title of this workshop is ‘Experimenting with Colour’ and as always, will be very informative with a short demonstration before we commence our own pictures.

You can work in any medium you wish but you do need to bring all your own equipment. You will also need to bring along a piece of paper or board, canvas or any other surface you fancy working on but in A3 size as a minimum.

If you would like to join in this workshop then please either get in touch with Val Belverstone or Colin Mossman to book in. Places are limited so first come, first served.

Look forward to seeing you there.

Rayleigh Art Group 2017 Annual Exhibition

Well what a great weekend we had again this year, the weather was amazing with not a cloud in the sky for both days.IMG_3784

Mark Francois MP who opened our exhibition, was very impressed with paintings on display. After viewing the works and before he enjoyed his coffee and cake, he made a short speech to officially open proceedings. He thanked Brian Coppard, Corinne Scott and the committee for inviting him again this year IMG_3787and remarked and I quote “The standard of work on display this year is as good as last year if not better”. He went on to say that the work that the art group does is very important to the town and it was a pleasure for him to open it. He then wished the group every success for the weekend before finally declaring the event open.

As you will all be aware, each visitor was given a slip of paper on which to vote for their favourite painting, this year again the painting voted best in show by the public will receive the Josie Hook award. Josie who is a young 87, attended the exhibition both days and as usual, bought several small paintings.







The results of the public vote are as follows:

1st Roy Bull with his painting ‘Beach Pebbles’

2nd Colin Mossman with his painting ‘Sunrise2’

3rd Stella Masters with her painting ‘Are they for me’

The Josie Hook award, together with certificates for first second and third will be presented at this Wednesday’s demonstration, so please be there.

The standard of work in our group continues to be high and that is something we can all be proud of, it was certainly noticed by our visitors, as all comments were favourable.

IMG_3794We had over 100 paintings on display with sixteen being sold, not counting the ones bought from the browser.

A big thank you to all who worked hard over the weekend to ensure everything went smoothly, from the setting up on the Friday evening, to manning the kitchen, to the ladies for supplying the delicious homemade cakes, selling the raffle tickets, collecting the money for the paintings, talking to the public and finally dismantling it all on the Sunday evening. Thank you, Annabelle, for housing all the equipment.

We also must thank all those who exhibited IMG_3805their work, without them we would not have an exhibition. If you didn’t exhibit this year, try and make sure you put something in next year, you will find it very rewarding.

A special thank you must go to A R Adams Ltd, funeral director of Rayleigh, for again sponsoring our exhibition. Unfortunately, because of a prior commitment they were not able to attend this year’s event.

And lastly, but not least, we must thank the SAA (Society for All Artists) providing the winners mug and the certificates for the prize winners.

Report by Colin Mossman Photos courtesy of Laura Mossman